Dave Richards

Strategist & Innovator, Dr Dave Innovation

Strategist & Innovator

Dr Dave Innovation


Dr Dave Richards drives growth of sales, market share, profits, valuations, and capacity for value creation – through brilliant strategies, stakeholder engagement and innovation leadership. He has a highly successful track record as a globally responsible senior executive with Nortel Networks and Oracle Corporation and as an author, speaker, entrepreneur, innovator and co-founder of the MIT Innovation Lab.

According to Roger Lacey, former Chief Strategy Officer of 3M, Dave’s highly acclaimed book, The Seven Sins of Innovation: A Strategic Model for Entrepreneurship, “elevates the thinking on this crucial subject to the highest level”.

Dave has an impressive track record of high impact results in commercial, public and social enterprises – ranging from start-ups and SMEs to multinational leaders.


November 22, 2016

Open Innovation is Vitally Important but Difficult – Why?

14:35  -  14:50 
Chancellery Auditorium