Dr Kristian Mjøen

Project Manager, University City 3.0 Trondheim Kommune

Project Manager

University City 3.0 Trondheim kommune


Dr Kristian Mjøen has a background as an entrepreneur and management scholar. He co-founded Dossier Solutions, a leading Nordic Knowledge Management Software solutions provider, and has later done scholarly work on Performance Management as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He currently works as an adviser to the CEO of the City of Trondheim, Norway, on issues of leadership and organisational development, as well as innovation strategy. Kris is currently heading a national Pilot, University City TRD3.0, developing a new way of integrating universities and cities to sustain societal innovation across all sectors. He has a particular interest in play and playfulness, exploring its importance both at the individual, group, institutional and societal levels.