Dr. Louis Rosenberg

CEO & Chief Scientist, Unanimous AI

CEO & Chief Scientist

Unanimous AI

United States of America

Dr. Louis Rosenberg

Dr. Louis Rosenberg is a longtime researcher and entrepreneur. His work began over thirty years ago in labs at Stanford University and NASA. In 1992 he developed the first mixed reality system (the Virtual Fixtures platform) at Air Force Research Laboratory. In 1993 he founded the early virtual reality company Immersion Corporation and brought it public on NASDAQ in 1999. In 2004 he founded Outland Research, an early developer of augmented reality technology that was acquired in 2011 by Google. In 2014 he founded Unanimous AI to amplify the intelligence of networked human groups. He received his PhD from Stanford University, was a tenured professor at California State University and is currently CEO & Chief Scientist of Unanimous AI.