Gabriella Lönngren

Partner, Common Good Academy
Gabriella Lönngren


Common Good Academy


Gabriella Lönngren runs the company Nordic Quality Consulting. Its focus is on quality processes and organizational development for start-ups and establishment of companies, financial monitoring, reporting and quality assurance. This includes formative process evaluations based on a leadership tool that was jointly developed by around twenty business owners.

Exchange of experience through networking and collaboration between industry, government, authorities, associations, etc. has been an essential part of any mission. Nordic Quality Consulting collaborates actively with a network of other entrepreneurs; Common Good Academy, dealing with one of the most important questions in our time; How to reach the greatest potential in co-operation for sustainability and common good actions.

Also executive director of The Village Team LLC, a village owned company with 40 shareholders and teamwork as the business idea, taking care and making business out of local knowledge, skills, ideas and experiences. As all village owned companies in Vuollerim The Village Team has stated that all gains will go back to the company and the village.


March 17, 2017

Focusing on Common Good Development and Entrepreneurship

11:20  -  11:50 
Hotel Vuollerim Gästgiveriet