Hakan Ekmen

CEO Telecommunication, umlaut

CEO Telecommunication



 Professional Bio:

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunication
and digital industries. Skilled in Management, Wireless Technologies, Connectivity, Security and
Consulting. Strong business development professional cross-industry.

Key areas: Managing & Technical Consulting, Engineering & Testing Services, Security Services,
Digitalization & BIG Data

Personal Bio:

Degree in Business Informatics at Cologne University of applied science.

Speaking 3 languages, English, German, Turkish.

Living in Germany, Cologne area.

Strategic Issues:

Driving future topics such as connected cars, inflight connectivity, e-mobility, autonomous driving and
intelligent networks. Especially in the field of telecommunications, we are driving exciting challenges
that form the basis for topics such as Smart Home or Smart Working. The 5G integration and the
technologies based on it will be a main component of our strategy. We will increasingly focus on
future-oriented topics such as crowdsourcing, AI-supported analyses and Next Generation Network