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Henoc Muamba

Originally born in the democratic republic of Congo, Henoc Muamba was raised in Mississauga,
Ontario. After going to St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia Muamba was drafted first
overall in the Canadian football league draft in 2011.

Muamba is a professional football player who has experienced success in both the CFL and the
NFL. Muamba has been the recipient of multiple accolades including multiple all star recognition
and the 2019 Most outstanding Canadian of the year award. In the lastest CFL season Henoc
was named the 2022 grey cup MVP and most outstanding Canadian. Muamba’s leadership
spreads beyond the field. He is a motivational speaker who discusses topics ranging from
teamwork, work ethic and leadership just to name a few.

Schools, churches, correctional institutions and business offices are not the only places Henoc
can be found speaking at. With his interest in media and storytelling Henoc can be found
conducting interviews to not only fellow professional athletes but to a plethora of successful
individuals beyond the realm of sports. On his podcast Muamba Moments, various topics are
explored and extremely valuable lessons can be extracted.