Jeff Macdonald

Partner, Innate Motion


Innate Motion 



Like most proud Scots, Jeff has spent much of his life living elsewhere. Canada, India, and currently England have been what he has called home, enjoying the realness of rural countryside living and the excitement of the bright city lights in equal measures. His three passions in life are his family, music, and football – all of which involve emotion over logic, noise, moments of chaos, and a mixture of pleasure and pain, but are always guaranteed to make you feel alive. With over 20 years’ experience of client-side marketing for the likes of Nestlé, Bacardi, and Nokia, 
Jeff brings a wealth of understanding of the realities (the frustrations!) of operating in large global companies. A firm believer that if you can put a man on the moon using no more computing capacity than that of a standard laptop, then any challenge can be solved with the right approach and mindset: an open and curious mind, a passion for the new and innovative, and a belief in the power of big ideas to move people.