How Brands are Engaging the Crowd to Supercharge Community Giving

Jeff Macdonald, Nick Davies

To realise the potential of a crowd you first need to understand the motivation and social rituals that provide its energy. Innate Motion is a global consultancy (and proud B Corp) that specialises in applying psychology and cultural decoding to identify the human meaning in our social behaviours. Through these insights we have worked with clients such as Unilever and Coca Cola to develop impactful solutions with purpose and the role of crowd contribution at their heart.

To activate crowd-based solutions, we work with partners such as Recognised as one of Britain’s most disruptive companies in Bloomberg’s 2016 ‘Business Innovators’ list, connects local community projects with the local resources of businesses such as Marks & Spencer and Starbucks, it is using contributive design to inspire local communities and businesses to come together to drive major social impact across the UK and now the Netherlands.

Find out how applies human logic to crowd funding and resourcing. See how they use the existing social and cultural structures and habits of business and community eco-systems to maximise asset utilisation and drive social change at scale. Understand how participation is more powerful than giving. And that to drive change, it is easier – and more impactful – to work with existing behaviours and structures rather than try change them.

Apr 12, 2016

14:00 - 14:20

Regent Street Cinema


Jeff Macdonald

Nick Davies