USEUM: The Crowdsourced Art Museum

Foteini Valeonti

USEUM is the first ever crowd-sourced art museum and its mission is to make art accessible and appealing to the average Internet user. USEUM started from Foteini’s doctorate studies at UCL and she is now serving as the company’s founder and Managing Director. During this talk Foteini will examine the challenges the company faced utilising Crowdsourcing for the Arts and the lessons learned from this process, including how the company overcame issues relating to Intellectual Property in an image-based crowdsourcing project. The second half of the presentation will be dedicated to the combination of Crowdsourcing with Gamification. Defined as “the use of game elements in non-gaming contexts”, gamification can be a powerful tool when applied correctly. Foteini will present how gamification is being implemented for the engagement and motivation of volunteers on USEUM, as well as the lessons learned on how to best combine gamification with crowdsourcing.

Apr 14, 2016

16:40 - 17:00

Regent Street Cinema


Foteini Valeonti