The Love Story between Open & Social Innovation

Emanuele Musa

Real social impact is not driven by business logic. It is driven by the openness of a social innovation, which should be collaborative and replicable. Some examples are Greenfreeze and Sulabh. Therefore openness (instead of the for profit/not for profit split) should be the defining criteria of a social innovation. To solve the biggest challenges of our time we need a bottom up, collaborative and open sourced approach: where good ideas working in one place are easily replicated, the impact of a solution is easily reported and transparency is highly encouraged. Openness translates into stakeholder’s participation, involving everybody in the creation of sustainable solutions. This principle is also mirrored in the collaborative economy through the horizontal peer-to-peer approach. How do we harness collective intelligence for the greater good? This talk will showcase different examples that, through a well-constructed architecture of participation, enabled change makers to achieve cheaper, faster, and better R&D, creating more balanced, feasible and intelligent solutions for the common good.

Apr 14, 2016

16:20 - 16:40

Regent Street Cinema


Emanuele Musa