Scaling Ownership

Nathan Waterhouse

How to accelerate creativity, community and impact through collaboration?

Drawing on lessons from OI Engine clients and others, Nathan will talk about the qualities and behaviours of people who take the daring role of engaging communities of people within and beyond organisations to tackle big pressing problems. What makes these leaders successful? What are their needs? And how can you support them to be more impactful? is an innovation software product by world-renowned innovation consultancy IDEO. It helps organisations engage their people and networks in creative problem-solving online using the same human-centered process that has made IDEO successful for 40 years.

The platform has helped organisations like HP or Umpqua create return on investment of millions of dollars in a single challenge. It has also helped lead to solutions that have saved hundreds of lives and is used by the White House, and UK and Singaporean Government.

Whether you’re interested in how you scale innovation or creating cultural change, Nathan’s insights will draw on real life examples and provide tips that will hopefully be applicable to your own work.

Apr 14, 2016

10:10 - 10:30

Regent Street Cinema



Nathan Waterhouse