Joanne Celens

CEO, Synthetron



Joanne is the CEO of Synthetron and brings over 10 years of crowdsource experience helping companies, organisation and civil society to move forward together.

Joanne lived, studied and worked in many countries  and has  a broad international management experience with Shell. The experience of leading virtual teams as well as several major change programs at Shell stimulated Joanne’s interest in collaborative listening and engagement in change. Joanne started with two other partners the company Synthetron more than 10 years ago.

Synthetron helps clients to unlock the answers to important questions via unique crowdsourcing platform for online dialogues. Clients get actionable insights in what people really think via an agile process of one hour, written, online dialogues. These dialogue moments are moderated to focus the participants around well prepared key questions to share feedback, co-create answers and identify intuitively their top list of ideas. Participants enjoy the focused interaction in a safe, anonymous space.

Born in Belgium, Joanne studied business and international relations (KU Leuven and Johns Hopkins University). She speaks 5 languages. Joanne enjoys to spent leisure time with her husband & two sons and with friends over dinner parties. She is a regular reader with a particular soft spot for comic books.