Kristen Jordan


Director of Innovation Professional Services



Kristen Jordan is an innovation leader and change agent. Over the last 15 years, she has helped hundreds of clients realize their vision of innovation success and dozens of people realize their personal potential.

As the lead of the Brightidea Professional Services team, Kristen oversees a team of consultants driving strategic innovation program development and execution across hundreds of engagements.  With global clients spanning the Fortune 500, non-profit, education and government space; her expertise covers transformation across verticals and industries. She also leads business development for existing and prospective clients for Brightidea, an idea and innovation management software company.

Prior to her work at Brightidea, Kristen managed innovation at the Humana Innovation Center, resulting in a spin-off business and a series of healthcare 2.0 prototypes. Kristen’s ability to connect with people is grounded in her first career in public affairs and marketing. Outside of work, Kristen is on multiple non-profit boards and enjoys making a mess in the kitchen with her 5-year-old.