Kristin Lindenberg

Co-Founder, Amberlair





Kristin is the co-founder, along with her partner Marcus Orbé, of Amberlair – the world’s first crowdsourced and crowdfunded boutique hotel. With a joint Masters degree in geography and tourism management, Kristin’s background is in the tourism industry, travel journalism and event management. As a freelance writer and, later, in-house reviewer for TUI Group, Kristin toured the world, evaluating destinations and assessing hotels – although, frustratingly, too often finding cookie-cutter rooms in establishments that had no sense of location or originality. Kristin then spent five years as the head of a branch of L’Tur Tourismus in Hamburg, with an emphasis on recruiting and training staff. She also took responsibility for corporate customer care and organising events.


April 13, 2016

World’s first crowdsourced boutique hotel

14:20  -  14:40 
Regent Street Cinema