Megan Branson

Product / UX Designer, Mozilla

Product / UX Designer



Megan Branson is a Product / UX Designer who leads teams in their work with stakeholders and communities to realize human experiences online. She believes effective design is a balance of both creativity and usability that results in an experience executed intentionally at every level. 

As part of Mozilla’s Open Innovation team, Megan is currently leading product design for the Common Voice project — an effort to create a public, multi-language voice dataset to unlock open speech recognition technology for everyone. With a 7 year background as a Firefighter / Paramedic and 8+ years of design experience spanning creative studios, advertising agencies and internet leaders; Megan brings over 15 years of human-to-human engagement knowledge to her work. 

Megan is based in Portland, Oregon where she works remotely. She’s an avid traveler, reader and artist who is happiest in the surf. You can find her online at