Mouna Langendorf

Founder & CEO, Woomentum

Founder & CEO




Mouna Aouri Langendorf is a passionate drummer and a civil engineer born and raised in Tunisia. Her passion for technology and Engineering took her all the way to Japan to pursue her masters, to design and build bridges. She worked for international engineering firms for more than a decade in Asia and in Africa. Her encounter with entrepreneurship started when she was hired in 2004 to run a French technology startup based in Tokyo and this led her years later to setup her own consultancy company and run it for five years.

In 2011, following the Arab spring revolution in Tunisia, Mouna has relocated to Singapore with her family and made it her home. After giving birth to two daughters, Mouna founded Woomentum in 2013 and found herself once again building bridges but this time between people. Her vision is to build a global multicultural collaborative community that enables more women entrepreneurs and professionals to succeed. She had recently launched HerCoLab under the umbrella of Woomentum, a unique Q&A platform on which women professionals can share knowledge, seek and provide advice.