Naveen Lakkur

Director, Founder Institute (Bangalore)


Founder Institute (Bangalore)



Naveen Lakkur is an innovation coach, a strategic consultant and advisor. He is passionate about sharing his practical knowledge of building companies and nurturing ideas. In his professional career spanning 20+ years in Information Technology sector worldwide, he has co-founded successful companies and enabled a number of innovative startups. He combines the agility and innovation of startups with the systems thinking and scale of corporates.

Naveen engages with corporates, startups and institutions of repute with his workshops and bootcamps on a range of subjects such as innovation, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, self-development and leadership. His programs revolve around unique themes, some of which form the basis of his books.

He offers strategic consulting for enterprises on a short-term outcome basis, helping them with business model innovation, product launch strategies, and ideation. He engages with companies as a strategic advisor, guiding them to achieve business growth.

Naveen is a passionate speaker, an acclaimed storyteller and an author of two books. ‘Inseparable Twins’, his first one is a business advisory book to inspire innovation and entrepreneurship. His latest book ‘FOUND’ provides a framework for transforming ideas into sustainable businesses.