Prasanth N

District Collector & District Magistrate, Kozhikode District Administration

District Collector & District Magistrate

Kozhikode District Administration



Prasanth Nair is the District Collector & District Magistrate, Kozhikode District, Kerala. He commands more than one lakh followers on Facebook, addresses each of his young audience and leads innovative crowd-funded campaigns through social media. A Facebook page called ‘Collector Kozhikode’, that Prasanth personally handles, has amassed 1,07,000 followers at last count and is replete with photographs of popular and quirky campaigns.

Before heading the Kozhikode district administration, Prasanth N was the Managing Director at (Bevco) Beverages Corporation of Kerala and prior that he was the Private Secretary to Home Minister at Department of Home & Vigilance. He has been associated with many other departments and projects earlier. Some of them are: Employment & Training Department, Kerala Academy of Skills Excellence, Government of Kerala, KTDC Hotels & Resorts Ltd. (Department of Tourism), Kerala State Transport project (KSTP) at Department of Public Works (Roads), Kerala Land Information Mission, Jalanidhi (KRWSA), Aralam Farming Corporation (Kerala) Ltd, Tribal Resettlement & Development Mission of Kerala (TRDM), Priyadarsini Tea Estate (MTPC), Land Revenue Department, Government of Kerala.

Prasanth N specialises in public administration, man-management, world bank procurement, project planning, appraisal, execution & negotiation, welfare administration, new ideas/innovation, transportation, roads, infrastructure, water supply and sanitation, tourism & hospitality, arts & culture, cinema, policing and vigilance, anti-corruption measures, transparency & internal controls.