Samson Williams

Interim Chief, Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3)
Samson Williams

Interim Chief

Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3)

Ireland / USA

Samson Williams is a classically trained anthropologist, serial entrepreneur and accidental finance expert who is happy to share the life lessons he’s paid the iron price for.

Currently Interim Chief of Getting Sh*t Done, at the Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3). In3 is DC’s first incubator and co-working space designed from the ground up to be inclusive and diverse. Building on his background in emergency management and corporate finance, Samson facilitates rapid innovation by focusing on execution; skipping the blame game and employing agile methodology at the speed of business not convenience

Samson is also Chief Strategy Officer at CoFunder, an Ireland based VC FinTech firm specializing in providing FinTech solutions for businesses involved in equity and debt crowdfunding in Northern Ireland, the EU and UK; expanding operations to USA and Africa in 2017

Prior to joining CoFunder, Samson spent 2008 – 2016 at Fannie Mae as Emergency Manager / Baby Chief of Staff O&T Executive Office; blocking, tackling, putting out fires and babysitting executives

Samson is an expert in banking and finance operations, organizational change management and a thought leader in equity crowdfunding, alternative banking, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and social good

He is fluent in Irish, Legalese, Corporate Speak and discerning the slow “no” between the BS

3x Marine Corps Marathon finisher and running enthusiast, who prefers to spend his weekends fishing, playing chess, and sipping tequila

Samson graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Cultural Anthropology and holds a Masters in Emergency & Disaster Management from American Military University.  Samson’s most valuable educational asset is his common sense and pompoms, which he employees regularly to cheerlead and champion people to success.