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Welcome to Crowdsourcing Week. We empower leaders globally to push collaboration and innovation forward into the 21st century. As the global network and forum for the Crowd Economy, we connect people with the most groundbreaking ideas and best practices in crowdsourcing and crowd innovation. Through our global conferences, consultancy and online education we help organisations to transition and thrive in the new economy.

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CSW conferences are the gathering place for innovative leaders worldwide. We offer year-round opportunities around the globe to learn from leading experts during live events.

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Welcome to the next generation of leaders in ideas, innovation, and creativity. If you believe in collaboration and co-creation for a better world, join us.


Our team offer hands-on guidance for developing collaborative business practices when looking to engage stakeholders and create long-term value.


We offer education on specific aspects of the Crowd Economy – and their practical applications – through affordable online courses.

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Our conferences take place in cities across the globe bringing together change makers and leaders to discover and discuss the latest crowd economy insights, technologies and developments.


MARCH 20-24, 2018

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Our speakers and content contributors are open-internet pioneers, enterprise leaders, and disruptive innovators who understand the fundamental shift towards the new crowd economy.

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