Revolutionizing Enterprise SaaS: The Power of Crowdsourcing

Enterprise SaaS taps into the collective intelligence of diverse groups of individuals through crowdsourcing for enhanced collaboration.
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Written by Clive Reffell

Apr 18, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of Enterprise SaaS, innovation is the key driver of success. One approach that has gained significant traction is the integration of crowdsourcing, the dynamic method that taps into the collective intelligence of a diverse group of individuals. Among the pioneers in this space is Groopit, a company at the forefront of revolutionizing how enterprises leverage crowdsourcing for enhanced collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making.

The Rise of Crowdsourcing in Enterprise SaaS

Enterprise SaaS solutions have come a long way from traditional models, embracing agility, scalability, and user-centric design. Crowdsourcing, once considered a concept confined to open innovation initiatives, is now proving to be a game-changer within the SaaS ecosystem. The ability to harness the collective wisdom, skills, and creativity of a broad audience has opened new avenues for enterprises seeking innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Why Crowdsourcing Matters for Enterprises

Diverse Perspectives Drive Innovation

Crowdsourcing allows enterprises to source ideas and solutions from a diverse pool of individuals, bringing a variety of perspectives to the table. This diversity sparks creativity and ensures a broader range of potential solutions.

Accelerated Problem-Solving

Groopit’s platform facilitates real-time collaboration, enabling enterprises to quickly mobilize teams and address challenges as they arise. The speed at which solutions can be generated and implemented is a crucial factor in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Crowdsourcing provides decision-makers with a wealth of data and insights gathered from various sources. This multifaceted approach ensures well-informed decisions that consider a multitude of factors, reducing the risk of oversight.

Groopit: A Catalyst for Crowdsourced Collaboration

Groopit stands out as a leading enabler of crowdsourced collaboration within the enterprise. Their platform offers a seamless experience for teams to connect, share information, and work together toward common goals. Key features that set Groopit apart include:

Real-Time Communication

Groopit fosters instant communication, allowing teams to stay connected regardless of physical location. This is particularly valuable for enterprises with dispersed teams or remote workers.

Task and Action Tracking

The platform facilitates the tracking of tasks and actions, ensuring accountability and transparency. Teams can collaborate on specific projects, making progress visible to all stakeholders.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Groopit collects valuable data from user interactions, providing enterprises with actionable insights. This data-driven approach enhances the decision-making process and allows for continuous improvement.

Case Studies: Success Stories with Groopit


MOSAIC logo in a Crowdsourcing Week blogMosaic is a trailblazing leader in the clean energy fintech sector. It recognizes the value of feedback from their front-line employees who talk to customers every day and are at the forefront of the sales process. However, those insights were scattered across conversations, emails, spreadsheets, and Slack messages. The challenge was how to consolidate and deliver them to decision-makers in a usable structure.

By collaborating with Groopit, Mosaic developed data models tailored to the insights it was looking for and staff could effortlessly discover those insights within Slack. It eliminated a need for extensive training sessions and led to greater teamwork, actionable insights, and a surge of fresh innovation. Mosaic is now able to break down silos, surface valuable information from employees and transform it into actionable insights that leads the company toward operational excellence.


Stuckey's logo in a Crowdsourcing Week blog on collective intelligenceStuckey’s has been  making pecan-themed branded snacks and souvenirs since 1937. Stephanie Stuckey took over as CEO in 2019 and is transforming the company into a profitable, high-growth business. Today, Stuckey’s manufactures and sells 345 products through 2,750 channel partners and franchise locations.

Each of their team of field sales reps are responsible for calling on 5-10 stores every day. This means they are the eyes and the ears of the company, ensuring Stuckey’s products show up as intended in the retail environment and providing market intelligence to improve boardroom decision-making. 

After they started using Groopit to share real-time data on merchandising, promotions and competitors, they could halve the time spent in weekly sales meetings, and spend more time engaging with stockists and providing more insightful feedback. In the first 12 months of using Groopit, Stuckley’s revenue grew 42.7% and sales team engagement and satisfaction scores reached an all time high.

These real-world examples, and others, illustrate the practical application and tangible benefits of incorporating crowdsourcing into Enterprise SaaS to utilize collective intelligence.

Key Takeaways

As Enterprise SaaS continues to evolve, embracing crowdsourcing through platforms like Groopit is becoming a strategic imperative. The synergy between technology and collective intelligence not only fuels innovation but also positions enterprises to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. Groopit’s commitment to facilitating seamless collaboration makes them a valuable ally for enterprises seeking to harness the power of crowdsourcing for sustained success.

About Author

About Author

Clive Reffell

Clive has worked with Crowdsourcing Week on sourcing and creating content since May 2016. With knowledge and experience gained in a 30+ year marketing career based in London, UK, he operates as an independent crowdfunding advisor helping SMEs and startups to run successful crowdfunding projects, and with wider social media and content marketing issues.

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