4 Ways to Attract the Best Crowdsourcing Talent

Written by Ramon Nuez

Apr 18, 2012

Most decision makers look upon crowd-work as a cost savings and it most certainly can be.

But if the only goal is to get your shiny new widget built as inexpensively as possible, then you will get just that — a cheaply made shiny new widget. Now, while cost savings remains an objective the goal should always be — to hire the best talent.

According to Ross Dawson there are 4 main beliefs to attracting the best talent from the crowd:

  1. Respect
  2. Relationships
  3. Rewards
  4. Roles


There is arguably no more important noun in the language of business than — respect. It is the glue that holds all relationships together. And the most talented in the crowd will not only anticipate respect but demand it.


Companies of all sizes are defined by their associations — their connection with others. The opportunity to not only find but retain the best talent is based on building relationships. These partnerships between your company and the crowd are necessary. Without these relationships your crowd experience may be less than desirable.


People want to be rewarded — period! And the better payoff attracts the better talent. This is not rocket-science it’s just good business. In most situations the reward is financial but not always — public praise, flexible hours, perks and learning rank high on the non-financial scale.


Crowdsourcing is a disruptive tool. It stands to change the very foundation of what has been traditionally known as — the centralized work. As more companies invest in distributed work the traditional work model becomes muddled. Companies then need to take an active role to clearly define responsibilities both within the company and within the crowd.

We all want the most talented people working on our shiny new widget but that talent comes at a price. And while the financial rewards will generate interest — it’s the value of the work that will attract the best.

About Author

About Author

Ramon Nuez

Ramon Nuez is a founder, fine arts photographer, digital artist, writer and wannabe harmonica player.

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