How can we best develop a crowd energy market?

Technology is rapidly evolving. Everyday we are moving away from traditional producers to crowd-driven solutions in finance, government, innovation, design . This also applies to the energy sector. We are becoming “prosumers”, where in we produce and consume energy and are actively moving towards crowd-supported energy solutions.

In the run-up to Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2015 in Brussels, the most important innovation conference to focus on crowd-powered solutions – we are calling on your participation to help develop the crowd-energy market. We want to identify insights, challenges and questions as we transition to the future of energy – one that is secure, sustainable and reliable.

What lessons can we learn from other crowd applications and markets? — Come share your ideas.

What can you expect?

  • 1 hour anonymous brainstorming session on Synthetron
  • Enriching discussion with an international crowd
  • Exclusive first access to the full report resulting from the discussion

Learn more about the session on Oct 13, 5PM CET

About Synthetron

For the last 10 years Synthetron has engaged crowds via 1000+ online conversations, while harnessing the combined wisdom of the people that matter and gleaning important insights.
Synthetron helps decision makers in complex organisations keep their finger on the pulse so they can better engage, change and grow. Their unique crowdsourcing dialogue solution is specifically designed to engage large groups of up to 1000 participants to anonymously share, react, evaluate and identify together their winning ideas in just one hour.


Get more information on CSW Europe 2015 tracks and the full list of speakers on the conference website. Follow the action in the lead up to the conference on social with the hashtag #CSWEurope15. Register now.