Join our editorial team! Crowdsourcing Week is looking for writers in the crowdsourcing and open innovation space to join our team of bloggers and media contributors. If you are looking to be a leading global voice on the next big business innovation that can disrupt business as usual – join our team.

Crowd innovation can be found in any business sector, globally across corporations, government or non-profit agencies. So the world is at your fingertips, literally. It incorporates technology, communications, web 2.0, digital messaging, social media and collaborative creation to bring unique solutions to the table – whether the problem is social responsibility for a brand, community outreach for a non-profit or public improvement policy for the government.

The Crowdsourcing Week blog can be your notepad to share your thoughts on this powerful phenomenon that can change how we approach problems and their solutions.

What’s in it for You?

  1. Brand Recognition: Be a part of the Crowdsourcing Week brand that will lead the conversation on crowd innovation.
  2. Prominent Profile: Your bio, headshot and social media handles will appear below your posts and prominently on our “Contributors” page.
  3. Become a Big Fish: Opportunity to become a leading global voice in this exciting new space.
  4. Meet Other Big Fish: As part of the team, you have a limitless opportunity to interact with fellow community members from across the world and further your professional goals.
  5. Attend Crowdsourcing Week 2013 in Singapore: Committed writers will be invited to the 5-day crowdsourcing event in Singapore with a free event pass.

And more!

Contact the Global Media Director, Priti(at)crowdsourcingweek(dot)com to learn how you can sign up. Please include the text “Crowdsourcing Week- Contributor” in your subject line and at least 2 writing samples in your email.