Do you still have the CSW Global 2015 hangover? Great news for you! Whether you’ve attended the conference or not, here’s an access to the CSW global highlights. We’ll be having the executive roundtable webinar on Thursday, April 30, 2015 2PM Singapore time (7AM London time) (11PM Pacific Time) hosted by Crowdsourcing Week and CSW2 on the topic, “CSW Global 2015 Highlights & Taking It Back to Your Organization.”

Join the CSW2 action tank team of Sean Moffitt (Wikibrands), Paul Niederer (ASSOB), Roland Harwood (%100 Open), Shelley Kuipers (Better Ventures), and Joanne Celens (Synthetron) as they share their insights and crowd economy-focused content:

  • Top 15 CSW Global Highlights
  • Top 15 Predictions for the Crowd Economy Future
  • 25 Pragmatic Ways to Take Back to the Office
  • Access to the 2015 Crowd Pulsecheck
  • Expert Q&A and Ways to Stay Involved in Our Crowd Movement

The webinar is aimed to help attendees (and crowd economy newbies) to take a re-look at lessons from the conference and take immediate steps to incorporate the principles of crowd and open innovation to their organizations. 

Don’t miss this unique complimentary webinar that is sure to add value by elaborating on the opportunities presented by networked crowds.

Register here for all the details: 

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