Our core aim here at Crowdsourcing Week is to empower leaders around the globe to push collaboration and innovation forward into the 21st century. As the global network and forum for the Crowd Economy, we connect people with the most groundbreaking ideas and best practices in crowdsourcing and crowd innovation.

This coming October 5th, CSW Summit in Seattle brings together a stellar list of US and international thought-leaders in various aspects of the crowd economy landscape who will inspire and update delegates with their latest thoughts, observations and achievements. There will be particular emphasis on crowdsourcing, crowd innovation and blockchain enabled economy.

The venue is the SIFF Film Center, and a current agenda and delegate registration is available here. And here’s some details on three of our great speaker sessions:

Groundbreaking ideas and best practices in crowdsourcing coming to SeattleRecently confirmed speakers include Ece Kama, Researcher in the Adaptive Systems and Interaction Group at Microsoft Research. The Group as a whole pursues advances in principles of intelligence – both artificial and human – and interaction and applications of these advances to enhance computational systems and interfaces. Ece’s particular focus is on human-computer interaction and the title of her session is “Humans to the Rescue: Troubleshooting AI Systems with Human-in-the-loop.”

Groundbreaking ideas and best practices in crowdsourcing coming to SeattleAs Uber continually gathers information about its drivers, riders/passengers, customer behavior, routes and so on, this data is key to Uber’s quest to improve in all its markets. Their Data Science Manager James Lee will speak on “Crowdsourcing Local Intelligence to Build Truly Differentiating Rider Experience.”

Groundbreaking ideas and best practices in crowdsourcing coming to SeattleBlockchain is a key sector of the crowd economy that the Summit will focus on. The final speaker of the day will be Joe Roets, head of the Dragonchain Foundation and Dragonchain Inc. Dragonchain is a public/private hybrid blockchain platform developed originally in 2016 at Disney’s offices in Seattle. Their aim is to simplify the integration of real business applications onto a blockchain through providing features such as easy integration, protection of business data, currency agnostics, and interop features. The title of Joe’s session is “Blockchain Enabled Crowd Economy.”

Full details of all the speakers who have signed up for CSW Summit Seattle are available here, along with the opportunity to register and be part of this event yourself. Places are limited and we hope to see you there.