HunchBuzz is a new New Zealand based startup on the block that provides cloud based customer & employee engagement platform. HunchBuzz enables entrepreneurs and businesses to strategically generate and manage innovative internal & external ideas, though powerful survey, feedback & gamification tool. 

Hunchbuzz allows businesses to explore and create new innovative ideas with their wider community or in a closed secure environment, enabling innovative consumer research. Steven Graham, CEO of HunchBuzz Ltd, helps businesses utilize open innovation management through crowdsourcing feedback.

Graham explains, “In order to successfully innovate with an open or closed community, businesses need to understand the complexities it may bring their organization and how best to filter the generation of ideas so the experience is natural, valuable, and new.”

HunchBuzz pursues an organization’s key strategic objectives through social interaction. The company leverages a community of fresh global thinkers for honest and innovative ideas and feedback, using a business’s own network of customers and employees or HunchBuzz’s social network of over 600,000 engaged members. HunchBuzz provides sophisticated but simple innovation management tools to help businesses truly reinvent their image, products, or marketing strategies.

HunchBuzz engages senior-level business leaders to ensure that innovation infuses the company’s DNA. The company provides user friendly innovation management service and after-service, a unique feature not available with competitors.

Their services are three-fold:

  • Customer & Employee Engagement: Manage internal & external ideas, suggestions, complaints, questions and feedback,  simply add some code to your site.
  • Innovation & Idea Management Software: Easily manage feedback from your customers and employees, then develop, implement and monitor changes you have made.
  • Personalised service & consultancy: We work with you, understand your challenges and create a plan to develop and implement your feedback.

HunchBuzz’s innovation management platform is in beta phase and will officially launch in early 2013. The company currently offers a 3 month promotional free trial period for their innovation management & crowdsourcing platform, and the team is already gaining a great deal of interest from a variety of businesses. HunchBuzz works with large corporations to small start-ups. These innovative businesses are already learning and engaging with a global community of creative thinkers.