Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 3.14.36 PMChief catalyst and social business pioneer, Jeremiah Owyang provides an opportunity for fortune 500 companies to not only stay relevant but also tap into the rising crowd-based economic movement. Jeremiah Owyang, announced the formation of his newest endeavor, Crowd Companies, this week at LeWeb.

The primary focus of Crowd Companies is to be a “brand council” that provides peer to peer knowledge, expert education from third parties and access to an innovation network of startups. The council will focus on the collaborative economy movement, which includes the sharing economy, maker movement, crowdfunding, alternative currency and more.

In the new collaborative economy, we have not only seen new business models emerging but are also witnessing older systems fading and becoming irrelevant. Visionary CEOs and leaders have been able to see this transformative change coming and steer their business to thrive in this changing ecosystem. But others, refusing to adapt and be nimble have not been so lucky. Truth be told, the new connected world is a complex place to survive without vision, foresight and the mindset to adapt. 

“As people become empowered to get what they need from sharing services, 3D printing, and crowdfunding, what role do companies play in this process?”

Jeremiah’s brand council has been established specifically to answer these questions and provide creative and economically feasible solutions.

Jeremiah and Crowd Companies have made a concerted effort to line up high profile brands eager to join the collaborative economy movement and will offer member-to-member council calls, an online community and organize real world events.  Additionally, Crowd Companies centralizes the market experts, authors and thought leaders around the council, saving valuable time.  Corporate members can quickly tap the innovation network, a contingent of hand selected startups that want to partner with large corporations.

A pioneer at helping corporations through this challenging yet opportune period of democratization and social media, Jeremiah and Crowd Companies is poised to lead the nascent collaborative economy into a more mainstream movement.  

At Crowdsourcing Week, we are thrilled that Jeremiah Owyang is part of the all-star speaker line-up at our 2nd annual flagship conference in Singapore in April 2014. The theme of the conference, Crowd Impact: Empowering Transformation” will provide organizations with crowd-centered approaches and solutions to help them thrive in a hyper-connected society. Attendees will discover approaches and tools they need to transform their business through crowd interactions, the sharing economy and collaborative consumption.

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