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We welcome relevant media persons with credentials and experience in covering topics on the crowd economy to join us at Crowdsourcing Week Global 2018, this October in Washington, DC. Our theme this year is Decentralization and we will go deep into how crowdsourcing will continue to impact businesses, governments, innovation and people in years to come. If you are looking to get the scoop into the best practices in crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, sharing economy, big data, smart cities, sustainability – do not miss this opportunity.

Press will get access to exclusive content and launches as they happen, and meet with the leaders and innovative companies at the forefront of these fields. Bloggers are invited to apply to join our front-row blogger’s circle, to receive access to content as it happens at the conference and interviews with the innovators in this space. A limited number of Blogger’s Circle passes are available and applications will be evaluated based on relevance and experience.



Media That Attend

Media That Attend

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Press Release English (21/06/18)

Press Release  English

Attended By The World’s Most Innovative Companies

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