Open vs Closed AI –

The Path to AI Maturity

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The explosion of interest in generative AI has many people and organizations asking themselves some fundamental questions. What is the impact of generative AI on my product and my business, and how should we be thinking about this? How much regulation is there, and is it enough or too much to build responsible and explainable AI? How can I accelerate my organization’s level of AI maturity?

A unique in-depth discussion will pull together diverse points of view based on the alternative approaches to artificial intelligence research and development represented by Open AI and Closed AI.

Open AI organizations prioritize the availability of their research and technologies to the public and encourage open access to their code, data, and models. This allows researchers, developers, and enthusiasts to study, modify, and build upon their work which fosters a culture of cooperation.

Whereas Closed AI is a more proprietary and secretive approach to AI development in which organizations tend to keep their research, algorithms, and technologies private, limiting access to their advancements.

The goal of this roundtable discussion is to have a better understanding of the AI marketplace and it will cover the following topics:

  • How can Open AI harness the technology to create a more abundant future for everyone?
  • The role of Crowdsourced Data collection for Open and Closed models.
  • How to quickly build a reliable data pipeline to power your Computer Vision solutions.
  • What techniques could be used to build high-performing natural language processing (NLP) models?


5-5:30 Networking Drinks
5:30-6:30 speaking and topic discussion
6:30pm – 8:30pm dinner


Our Hosts

Roundtable Discussion: Open vs Closed AI - Crowdsourcing Week
Carolyn Harvey

Carolyn Harvey

Epi Ludvik


The Roundtable also includes food and drinks at a top San Francisco restaurant and will provide great networking opportunities for like minded innovators. Want to join the discussion? This Roundtable is invite-only, but you can contact us at [email protected] if you would like to participate.

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Roundtable Discussion: Open vs Closed AI - Crowdsourcing Week