Civic Crowdfunding: Impact and Possibilities

Aster van Tilburg

Civic crowdfunding pioneer from the Netherlands, Aster van Tiburg, shares the impact and possibilities of civic crowdfunding. Thanks to technology, particularly with the social media networks and platforms, crowdfunding for civic projects is now made easy. Aster says: “Civic crowdfunding isn’t about the money, it is about building communities, promoting a project and can be a political instrument as well to put pressure to local authorities.”

What you will learn:

– What is civic crowdfunding?
– Examples of popular sites and projects raised through civic crowdfunding
– Trends that accelerate the growth of civic crowdfunding
– 3 ways civic crowdfunding has an impact

Oct 22, 2015

12:25 - 12:45

Chancellery Auditorium



Aster van Tilburg