10 Steps to Crowdfunding $1 Million Dollars

Christian Smith

Christian Smith, Co-Founder and President of TrackR, will cover key concepts of running a successful million-dollar crowd funding campaign that you won’t find in a google search.  Many people assume that all you may need to run a successful crowd funding campaign is a nice looking page, a great video, and some press.  However, this is only the price of entry as the bar for crowd funding campaigns.  After running 4 campaigns and raising over 2 million dollars in crowd funding, we have discovered techniques that help you get discovered and don’t break the bank.

This talk will not cover basic concepts of crowd funding but will dive into the advance techniques to gain attention in a noisy market, increase campaign momentum, and how to manage your campaign after your project has been funded.  This talk will cover the theory behind crowdfunding techniques and give specific examples on how to apply them to your campaign.

Apr 12, 2016

14:40 - 15:00

Regent Street Cinema


Christian Smith