Collective Minds and Rich Data in Smart Cities

Long Pham

Survey research is costly and complicated in design and implementation strategies. The survey research in public sector is even more challenging due to limited budget, larger targeted samples, and requiring high quality of the collected data.

CorkCitiEngage project uses an innovative crowdsourcing-inspired method to explore alternatives for the survey research, especially the research that benefiting public sector and for common good. We use crowdsourcing action rules and stakeholder mapping exercises to construct the CorkCitiEngage Project from ideation to the completion of the data collection processes. The project is a huge success with the largest collected data from all groups of residents/citizens, spanning a 360 degree view on public participation, digital skills, and public infrastructure access and usage of a small city in Europe.

The learnings from our project demonstrate new ways of turning crowdsourcing for use in solving problems, especially in community and civic issues and government related programmes. The lessons reveal alternatives for service providers or small businesses who are dealing with government or civic and civil organisations that have limited resources but still look for greater impact among their communities and target audience.

Start-ups, small service companies and those innovation leaders will find ways to apply our proven methodology to excel in your business. The presentation will equip you with practicalities and tactics that make other people work for you at the minimum expense while they still feel great being a part of your effort.

Apr 13, 2016

11:50 - 12:05

Regent Street Cinema


Long Pham