The Past, Present and Future of Civic Crowdfunding

Roberto Esposito

Civic crowdfunding in Italy is growing really quickly and is funding public services, monuments, local projects, museums and public areas. Roberto Esposito, CEO and Founder of DeRev, shares with us the origin of DeRev and its goals and the importance of civic crowdfunding.  The crowd has great power to change policy and even affect multinational behavior. This is becoming attractive for big players and their corporate social responsibility.

What you will learn:

– What is the power of the crowd and how can you engage it?
– How is the crowd changing public services as well as environmental policies of multinationals such as Facebook?
– Connecting corporate social responsibility (CSR) with crowdfunding

Oct 20, 2015

11:20 - 11:40

Chancellery Auditorium


Roberto Esposito