Goncalo de Vasconcelos

Founder & CEO, SyndicateRoom

Founder & CEO

Syndicate Room



Goncalo is the founder of SyndicateRoom, where the smart crowd gets access to the deals that Business Angels are investing their own money in.

He is also a contributor to Forbes, writing regularly about equity crowdfunding, business angel investment and venture capital investment and he speaks regularly at public events about the same themes. Being one of the best-networked people in the business angel industry, he’s passionate about giving the crowd access to the top companies into which experienced business angels are investing their own money. This is what drives his vision for SyndicateRoom.

He is a passionate supporter of democratization of investment in startups and a strong believer that this will only truly happen when the crowd has access to the same opportunities as the wealthy and experienced investors as they do in SyndicateRoom.


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