Why We Should Pay Attention to Investor-led Equity Crowdfunding?

Goncalo de Vasconcelos

What is investor-based equity crowdfunding and why is it important for the industry? Goncalo de Vasconcelos, Founder and CEO of SyndicateRoom, outlines the benefit of hybrid investment models when it comes to equity crowdfunding and stresses the importance of  bringing the crowd at the same investment level as professional investors. The talk looks into three disruption models the industry needs to undergo in order to remain sustainable. Goncalo states that it is imperative that the crowd makes money from crowdfunding, otherwise in 10 years time equity crowdfunding will be dead.

What you will learn:
– What is investor-based crowdfunding and why it is so successful?
– How can equity-crowdfunding remain sustainable in the future?
– How to attract passionate people as well as big investors
– Three disruption models that will help the industry remain sustainable

Oct 20, 2015

12:05 - 12:25

Chancellery Auditorium



Goncalo de Vasconcelos