Guy White

Managing Director, Catalyx

Managing Director




Guy is the founder and Managing Director of Catalyx – an award winning Crowdsourced marketing services agency. Catalyx unlocks the data, creativity and value from large crowds of the people that matter most to companies and organisations to help them to create much more relevant marketing, innovation and insight. From a standing start in 2012, Guy has helped shaped a company that now has some of the world’s largest companies as clients, with a diverse portfolio of successes that stretches from reinventing how the Red Cross innovates, launching cider into Switzerland for Carlsberg to helping Braun get a new understanding of why men shave and co-creating new services for IATA.



April 14, 2016

When Crowds don’t know they are Crowds and why this can be even more powerful

14:50  -  15:10 
Regent Street Cinema