the crowd social mediaMechanisms such as Crowdsourcing are about to fundamentally change the way we perform and organize work. Conventional organizational structures are about to become more loose and in addition to (well known) outsourcing initiatives, companies have to consider crowdosurcing a certain part of their tasks.

Especially conservative managers often fear loosing control in terms of quality or having discussions with customers on data security. However, the positive implications of the usage of crowdsourcing mostly outperform those concerns.

Flexible and scalable workforces, access to different languages and global characteristics is one argument, collective creativity another.

To understand the need (and the virtue) of implementing crowdsourcing into the regular working process of your company, it’s helpful to have a look at the current trends in workflows and organizational structures. Gartner for instance points out, that there will be 10 mayor changes we can observe during the next decade:

1)    Work itself will be de-routinized. Therefore creative work and problem solving is becoming more important

2)    Flexible but effective work swarms can substitute fixed team structures

3)    Working with and managing the collective becomes a crucial skill in order to navigate the new swarms

4)    Weak links across the organization and the individuals knowledge how to use them will be a new currency

5)    Hyperconnectedness will lead to a push for more work to occur in both formal and informal relationships across enterprise boundaries

6)    More spontaneous and proactive work is required to take new opportunities

7)    Research groups are dedicated to detect and evaluate new patterns and develop suitable scenarios

8)    Informal work sketch-ups will be used for non-routine processes

9)    More simulations and experiments in terms of active engagement with simulated ans virtual environments

10)  Virtual Workplaces and 3rdplace destinations upgrade regular office spaces

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