shutterstock_141117217Employee satisfaction surveys, online assessments and performance reviews could soon be a thing of the past. Rejoice! These employee engagement strategies have been uncomfortable at best and further deepened the divide between employees and upper management. How can crowdsourcing help convert employees into valuable business assets?

Generation Y employees who will soon form nearly 50% of workforce want a more fulfilling experience – one that mimics their digital, open and well-rounded lifestyle. They want their work and employment to be an extension of their daily life and not a separate ecosystem that does not tie into their dynamic social behavior. More research shows that this generation counts gratifying working conditions, creativity and sense of ownership at work as equally important factors in addition to paycheck and benefits.
Businesses that will thrive in a resource -deficient future of tomorrow need an innovation strategy that is collaborative and inclusive. Using crowdsourcing tools for employee engagement helps companies and organizations achieve these goals through-

  1. Rich employee feedback – Employees can be a great source of community feedback, market insights and intelligence. They are a very important stakeholder group that can help companies bridge the gap to reach their external stakeholders. Employees are trustworthy spokespersons for your brand. Happy and engaged employees distinguish a great company from an “also ran”.
  2. Digital experience – Effective digital platforms and campaigns cater to the Gen Y workforce that most companies want to attract today. Social networks and transparency are something that this generation takes for granted and they want their work-lives to enhance their digital experience – this factor cannot be ignored for too long.
  3. Idea generation and management – Businesses are losing out on innovative employee contributions if they are not creating a way for employees to freely share ideas for improvement. Organizations are even presenting operating challenges to intra- multidisciplinary teams for new perspectives and problem solving.
  4. Ownership and responsibility – Gen-Next employees want more than a job. They want to have a meaningful contribution to causes and business ideas they care about – and want recognition for that. Now there is way to get employees excited about your company’s social responsibility initiatives and creating valuable brand ambassadors in the process.
  5. Training and Retention – An employee platform will also help companies identify effective opportunities for additional training, advancement and retention that will amount to huge savings, build reputation and attract the best talent in the long run.

Entreprises face a challenging time in this resource deficient, tough economic climate. How can they use tools available today to propel their organization to a viable future?


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