Week In Preview: What’s in Store at Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2015

Written by Priti Ambani

Jul 27, 2015


In exactly 12 weeks, Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2015 will commence in Brussels, Belgium – Europe’s hotbed for ideas, policy and innovation. The week-long event will turn Brussels into the meeting place for crowdsourcing’s top influencers, practitioners, thought-leaders, and entrepreneurs who will gather to discuss the future of Europe — from the perspective of crowd finance, collaborative innovation, smart cities, participatory government and more.

The detailed agenda is taking shape and we look forward to unveiling all sessions in the coming days. The 5-day European conference will cover cross-disciplinary learning, from a wide range of public and private sectors, comprising talks, panel discussions, and interactive breakouts, designed for maximum engagement, impact, and learning. 

Take a look at this snapshot of the week:

Oct 19 | CSW Europe 2015 Opening Night 

The week opens with a festive gala where you can forge connections with some of the crowdsourcing’s brightest minds while enjoying tasty beverages and hors d’oeuvres. The event is open to Full Access Pass holders, speakers and special invitees.

Oct 20 | Accelerate Europe: Collaborative Finance & Innovation // Crowdfunding • P2P models • Cryptocurrencies • Crowd Innovation 

Key Questions: How can crowds contribute to a robust financial outlook in Europe? How can organisations innovate with crowds to stay competitive?
Highlights: New models of raising capital, lending, investments and business transactions in Europe along with case studies on how corporations are staying relevant in the crowd economy.
What you will learn: How peer-to-peer and collaborative models compounded by the latest technology like Blockchain are disrupting billion-dollar industries. You will also learn about practical ways on innovating with crowds with application to a wide range of verticals. 

Oct 21 | Evolve Europe: Smart Cities and Mobility // Crowd Innovation for Smart Growth • Collaborative Business Models • Future of Mobility

Key Questions: How can Europe use crowds to create the infrastructure of the future? And how can this translate into business opportunities with social benefits?
Highlights: Crowd-powered solutions that create robust local economies and deliver socio-economic benefits through open innovation, online communities, sharing economy and smart mobility. 
What you will learn:  What are the tremendous economic opportunities emerging at the intersection of crowds and collaboration that are creating value for all stakeholders while supporting the future of cities.

Oct 22 | Sustainable Europe: Collaborative Approaches for Governance // Collective & Collaborative Governance • New Models for Energy Security & Transition

Key Questions: How can crowdsourcing foster sustainable growth and better governance for European cities? 
Highlights: People-centric governance and collaborative models that tap better ideas for development, lower resource dependence and even secure a sustainable energy future. 
What you will learn:  Get a clear understanding and practical know-how to apply the principles of the crowd economy to improve government and standard of living while creating a sustainable planet.

Oct 23 | European Forum for Entrepreneurial Finance + Crowdfunding Workshop

This invite-only forum aims at stimulating European entrepreneurship and investment in European SMEs and facilitating cross-border financing and growth initiatives from across Europe.  The European Forum for Entrepreneurial Finance will be organised alongside a large open 2500 m² fair. Broad stakeholders and entrepreneurs will present their business with stands, workshops, reverse pitching, speed-dating and networking spaces. Major networks across all EU member states will showcase their successful initiatives and relevant programmes facilitating the financing and growth of entrepreneurial companies. The final day of the conference will also feature CSW’s signature ‘Crowdfunding Workshop’, a hands-on workshop for entrepreneurs seeking funding or looking to harness crowd business models for their startup.

The stellar speaker list is growing with 12 weeks to go and we have some exciting new tracks, speakers and sessions planned. So stay tuned! Check out the latest CSW Europe speakers to talk Crowdsourced Cities, Delivery, Innovation & Climate Change, and Citizen Engagement, Open Innovation, Mass Collaboration.


Get more information on conference tracks and the full list of speakers on the conference page. Remember, Summer Bird pricing for full access is until September 15, 2015 – Register now.

About Author

About Author

Priti Ambani

Priti Ambani is the Global Media Director at Crowdsourcing Week, a thought leader and prominent writer on social and environmental enterprises, start-ups and Web 2.0 businesses. As the Director and Managing Editor of Ecopreneurist, Priti has been instrumental in growing the site into a notable social business resource. Specializing in her ability to work with impact organizations from the ground up, Priti has developed successful business and communications strategies for fledgling start-ups, social and environmental enterprises. She also serves as a sustainability consultant at GreenDen consultancy and advises on CSR and the triple bottom line. Priti is a Professional Engineer and holds a Master’s degree in Biological Resources Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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