CSWEurope15 Speakers round 2

The speaker line-up for CSW Europe 2015 just got even more interesting. We are proud to present 5 more innovators ready to bring cutting edge information on crowd economy applications to the stage in Brussels, October 19-23. Take a peek into their bios and the topics they will highlight.


“Solving Delivery!” – Ari Kestin, CEO, Nimber

A passionate manager with consistent success growing technology-based businesses, Ari is proficient in operations, turnarounds, startups and international business development. He is an energetic and focused entrepreneur, whose leadership is driven by the creation of value. At Nimber, Ari is working to create an efficient delivery solution with crowds. 

“Crowdsourcing The Future City” –  Julian Petrin, Founder, Nexthamburg

An expert in urban crowdsourcing and public participation, Julian in 1998 founded his consulting agency urbanista. In 2009 he founded the participartory think tank Nexthamburg. With Nexthamburg, Petrin has created a comprehensiv toolset for urbanistic crowdsourcing. Petrin is member of the german academy of urban design and planning and convent member at the German Foundation for Building Culture. For his work at the intersection of urban design and participation he has recieved several awards. Since 2013 Petrin is visiting professor for urban management at the university of Kassel.

“It is Possible to Halt Global Warming!” – Marie Noelle Keijzer, CEO and Co-founder, WeForest

A forward-thinking social-entrepreneur, Marie is committed to resolving the biggest challenge humanity is facing: global warming. Result-driven multi-cultural executive 
commanding 22 years of cross industry expertise in multinationals and 6 years developing and growing WeForest worldwide.

“The Crowd is Already the Engine of Growth” – Haydn Shaughnessy, Co-founder, The Disruption House

Described as “one of the most refreshing thinkers on innovation” Haydn’s passion is to help people understand how disruptive forces will reshape their markets, careers and companies. In two books, The Elastic Enterprise and SHIFT, described by Forbes as everything you need to know about the digital economy, he has shown how innovation and disruption are structured events, increasingly shaped by the actions of people in open ecosystems. Haydn has brought a systematic rigour to how the crowd is changing politics, economics and society.

“Europe in the New Economy” – Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero, Principal Administrator at the European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation. 

Domenico is responsible for managing a large part of the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities theme of the 7th EU Research Framework Programme (FP7). He is currently coordinating and implementing the Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge on “Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies.” Domenico is specialized in the questions related to: New paths of economic growth; Global Europe; Socio-ecological transition; and Smart urban futures. Domenico is the author of more than 100 articles in the field of energy, environment, innovation and EU studies. He wrote two books entitled: “The Power of Science” and “Mapping European integration through its Cities.” Domenico got his PhD in economics from Paris Dauphine University and he is Professor at the Belgian royal Academy of Sciences. He is the Secretary General of the European Union of Federalists (UEF.be).

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