Markus Lampinen

Markus Lampinen

Markus Lampinen

Markus Lampinen is a global investor and partner at the Grow VC group, where he has been pioneering new funding models in the US and Europe, as well as advising policy makers globally for a more effective market. Markus Lampinen is the CEO of Crowd Valley Inc (, a crowdfunding platform and back office provider, for those entering the global crowdfunding market and those looking to leverage crowdfunding in their existing operations. Crowd Valley is part of the Grow VC Group

Markus is an internationally awarded entrepreneur and part of the Sandbox Network, the foremost global community of extraordinary young achievers. Markus has founded several innovative companies and NGOs, held advisory roles in various organizations and sits on the boards of several growing companies. He serves as a frequent public speaker on related themes.

Articles by Markus Lampinen

Future of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been an increasingly talked about topic for several years in various contexts, even though the biggest applications and value are just being created. Since HR 3606, commonly known as the JOBS Act, was written into law in April 2012 in the US, many similar initiatives at adding transparency and efficiency in the private placements marketplace have been created all over the world. And many pioneers with new funding models have already sought out to claim their place in the new age market.

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