Crowdfunding has been an increasingly talked about topic for several years in various contexts, even though the biggest applications and value are just being created.

Since HR 3606, commonly known as the JOBS Act, was written into law in April 2012 in the US, many similar initiatives at adding transparency and efficiency in the private placements marketplace have been created all over the world. And many pioneers with new funding models have already sought out to claim their place in the new age market.

Let’s talk about the future.

What is yet to come in the market? The big impact and the establishing of a new, sustainable market for years to come. If we look hard into the future, far enough, it seems obvious that future generations that grow up with the Internet at their fingertips, will work, like and invest online. However, this does not transform the inherent nature of investing and securities, but it does create a whole new framework, that can create substantial value in its efficiency and effectiveness, for the entire industry. This efficiency is welcome, in an industry that has been at pains to reinvent itself for several years.

Crowd Valley is privileged to be working with hundreds of crowdfunding businesses, that are leveraging online efficiency and transparency, to add more value to their existing operations in the securities market. Many of these pioneers are focused on a particular niche, demographic or market segment and have established track records and brands in these areas of expertise. We believe that the crowdfunding market is going to be full of specialized operators that serve particular market segments, with the right market expertise and credibility in that sector. Operating real estate in SoHo is far different from oil and gas properties in Texas or growth equity in Israel.

Crowdfunding is diverse.

Crowdfunding and new funding models are not only going to affect the startup and venture capital sector, but they are going to have an impact on debt securities, real assets, commodities marketplaces and a variety of co-investment, passive investment or hybrid models where crowdfunding works together in a larger ecosystem to create the right framework for sustained growth.

Crowdfunding should be connected to other stakeholders in the funding ecosystem.

This is why the Crowd Valley platform allows customers to be local or global, and connect with other platforms to collaborate and work together for the benefit of the industry. For funding portals and securities professionals, their professional focus may be strict, which is why partnering with specialized operators is often of interest to grassroots organizations such as incubators, accelerators and others that have a large audience of interested organization. This is also why we offer a special platform for grassroots businesses, looking to provide a broader platform for their audience.

Crowd Valley is proud to support pioneers looking to play their part in the great democratization of private placements and equal access for all. The time to act is now, as the market grows up, evolves and becomes more and more specialized, those with a unique perspective and expertise can benefit from claiming their positing and building their operations early on. We’ve seen that activating and setting up a viable, sustainable platform and operations around crowdfunding takes time, which is why we encourage pioneers to start now and let us support you in this amazing new market and all its vast potential.

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