What does blockchain technology mean for you?

Written by Crowdsourcing Week

Jul 9, 2017

In the internet of things, we’re all connected, all the time, to everything. It’s where the world is moving—your home, your car, your phone, your work. It’s like you can make a virtual copy of yourself to do things that would have required your physical presence even just a few years ago.

That change is moving to money, too, and the way businesses record and transfer it. There’s a revolutionary technology that’s serving as the foundation, too. Called blockchain technology, this structure serves as the basis for cryptocurrency systems such as Bitcoin. The idea is that users have a virtual or digital ledger that’s unchangeable and without a single point of failure. It cuts out the middlemen and eliminates human touch points, too. It’s a way of doing businesses that promise speed but has some stumbles in terms of privacy.

What does blockchain technology mean for you? Use this graphic to find out.



SOURCE: https://blog.appdynamics.com/engineering/beyond-bitcoin-how-enterprises-can-integrate-blockchain-into-business/


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