Top 10 Crowdsourcing Experts Series – Canada

Note from editor:  The Crowdsourcing Week Team, along with our advisors are thrilled to present a new series on our picks for Crowdsourcing Week’s Global List of Experts. Over the next few weeks, we will share our lists of global innovators shaping the conversation on the crowd economy. Sean Moffitt of Wikibrands is curating our first […]

Written by Sean Moffitt

Feb 10, 2014

Crowdsourcing Leaders - CanadaNote from editor:  The Crowdsourcing Week Team, along with our advisors are thrilled to present a new series on our picks for Crowdsourcing Week’s Global List of Experts. Over the next few weeks, we will share our lists of global innovators shaping the conversation on the crowd economy. Sean Moffitt of Wikibrands is curating our first list on Canada’ s thought leaders. Over to Sean.
A lot of great choices for Canada to kick off our Global Crowdsourcing List of Experts Series.  Given my own location, we thought we should start north in our 50-country collection of geo-specific collection of crowd experts, influencers and practitioners.
Here is our best crack at our Canadian top 10 (in no particular ranking), but we could have easily added more (please add your own in the comments area). We also hope you can add your Canuck insight to our first annual Global Crowdsourcing Survey. 

#1 Don Tapscott, The Thought Leader 

Claim to Fame: One of the world’s leading authorities on innovation, media, open collaboration, the economic and social impact of technology and current lead of Global Solution Networks 
Twitter: @dtapscott
Latest Post of Substance: Ten Types of Global Solutions Networks
Latest Tweet of Substance: Smart societies: from citizens as sensors to collective action 

#2 Eric Migicovsky, The Crowd Campaigner 

CEO of Pebble Technology and Systems Engineer 
Claim to Fame: Founder of the most successful campaign on Kickstarter to-date Pebble Watch, a successful Y Combinator venture – 85,000 funders and 300,000+ customers 
Website: Get Pebble
Twitter: @ericmigi
Latest Tweet of Substance: Good luck to everyone adding finishing touches @thehackTECH!

#3 Shelley Kuipers, The Brand Champion

Founder and CEO of Chaordix
Claim to Fame: Leads Chaordix – the global player in crowdsourced brand and product innovation that help the world’s leading companies and organizations gain sustained community engagement and predictive intelligence with global clientele including P&G, IBM, FutureBrand, KPMG, American Airlines, Virgin and Reckitt Benckiser
Latest Tweet of Substance: Products are usually managed by one person, whereas an experience must be curated by several different owners… …

#4 Daryl Hatton, The Fundraiser 

CEO of FundRazr
Claim to Fame: Leads FundRazr – Canadian crowdfunding site and Facebook app first released in 2009 allowing enterprises and users  to raise money for a variety of causes – $42 million since inception making it one of the top 6 crowdfunding platforms in the world
Twitter: @DarylHatton
Latest Tweet of Substance: 5 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Perks for Crowdfunding …  

#5 Craig Asano, The Crowd Ringleader 

Founder and Executive Director of the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada
Claim to Fame: Spearheaded multiple programs and initiatives including Canada’s Crowdfunding Directory, a National Ambassadors outreach program, and NCFA Canada’s advocacy efforts to advance equity-based Crowdfunding regulations in Canada.
Twitter: @NCFACanada
Latest Tweet of Substance: Why Canada is where smart VC money is going in 2014 

#6 Jeremy Gutsche, The Culture Vulture

CEO at Trend Hunter (@trendhunter) and author of Exploiting Chaos,
Claim to Fame: Founder of, the world’s #1 largest, most popular trend spotting website, boasting more than 1.5 billion total views and 3 million Facebook Fans with content produced and curated by 130,000 Trendhunters
Website: Trendhunter
Twitter: @jeremygutsche
Latest Post of Substance: Trainwreck Fascination
Latest Tweet of Substance: 17 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Tech-Obsessed …

#7 Ashley Hilkewich, The Socially Responsible Insurer 

Brand Manager Aviva plc and Leader of Aviva Community Fund Project 
Claim to Fame: Not-for-profit expert helping manage one of the biggest corporate crowd funded platforms, sponsored by Aviva plc, helping donate 4.5 million to positive community causes over the last 5 years
Twitter: @ahilkewich
Latest Post of Substance: Announcing the Winners of the 2013 Aviva Community Fund Competition
Latest Tweet of Substance: Good read on the intersection of brand and CSR 

#8 Paul Dombrowsky, The Engaged Citizen 

CEO of Ideavibes
Claim to Fame: Leads Ideavibes and its white label crowd engagement platform which helps communities and organizations manage their own crowdsourcing or crowdfunding campaigns to faciliate engagement and tap into the wisdom and power of the online crowd. 
Latest Post of Substance: A Practical Guide to Crowdsourcing
Latest Tweet of Substance: Heck of a yarn: Mystery of statue scarves solved via @OttawaCitizen What a great idea #crowdsourcing warmth

#9 Heather Leson, The Crowd Community Manager  

Idea hacker, community builder, and community engagement director for the Open Knowledge Foundation
Claim to Fame: Bridges technology and people across a number of full-time, consultant and volunteer initiatives. 
Twitter: @HeatherLeson
Latest Post of Substance: Every Interaction is a Gift
Latest Tweet of Substance: Need an afternoon tangent? Check out the 108 #opendata #ODD14 self-organized events. People are amazing: … 

#10 Adam Spence, The Social Enterpriser  

Founder of the SVX and Associate Director, Venture and Capital Programs at the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing. 
Claim to Fame: Focused on collaborative  work driving social, economic and environmental justice through finance, education, social innovation and public policy change as an advocate, researcher and social entrepreneur. 
Twitter: @adamspence
Latest Post of Substance: Impact is What Matters
Latest Tweet of Substance: Paying for results: can banks and investors finance social success? @Guardian: . #sofinance #SIB
Would you like to nominate a crowdsourcing leader in Canada? Please tell us about them via a comment.
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About Author

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