The Crowd Economy is exploding and the front runners in crowd innovation are truly changing the dynamic of this decade. Who are these influencers that have adopted crowd-driven approaches to solve challenges in business, government and social enterprise?  How can we get to know them, hear their stories and follow their vision?

Enter our #CROWD411 list of 411 top-notch thinkers and doers making waves in our hyper connected world. In the current climate, it has become essential to observe, learn and grasp the giant leaps in business, innovation, finance, problem solving, healthcare, government and more coming about with the aid of networked crowds.

And here is your chance to follow the top opinion leaders globally. We have put together an exhaustive list of 411 influencers that comprises #Crowd411 based on the following criteria:

    • their influence on crowd economy’s development
    • popularity and scale of content they provide
    • commitment to the advancement of sharing economy – no empty words, action!
    • adoption of crowd culture norms such as share ability, openness
    • geographic and crowd segment representation

Sean Moffitt, Managing Director of CSW2 and Wikibrands, the driving force behind the #CROWD411 directory, explains the reasoning behind the need for such a list.

“We’ve literally spent months pulling together our Crowd 411 having pored over hundreds, if not thousands, of names and evaluating against our 5 key criteria.” Why?Simply, with an amazing global pool of talent that reside in the crowd economy, we thought there was a need to curate not just the most popular, but the best of the world’s crowd collective. For all their sweat equity and pioneering work, they deserve to be profiled. And in the spirit of participative crowd culture, we hope to collaborate with many of those on the list in the future.”


So, who’s on the list? 

Below is a sneak peak of the complete #Crowd411 list that will be shared in full next week. And there’s more! We are crowdsourcing the rest of the list: you can contribute to growing the #Crowd411 directory as well. More news on that too next week. For now enjoy a first look, comment, share and follow the crowdsourcing leaders who are re-writing the rules. Don’t forget to tag #Crowd411 so we can follow the conversation! (Pssst: Many of the crowd influencers will join us in Singapore)