How Crowdholding Builds Better Businesses

Did you know that leveraging Crowd Wisdom in your organisation will help you to build a better business? Crowd intelligence can support many aspects of business operations thus ensuring you make better business decisions. Business Summary Many businesses face common challenges everyday and resolve them by making decisions internally. Most of us are still victims […]
How Crowdholding Builds Better Businesses

Written by Aleks Bozhinov

Oct 11, 2018

Did you know that leveraging Crowd Wisdom in your organisation will help you to build a better business? Crowd intelligence can support many aspects of business operations thus ensuring you make better business decisions.

Business Summary

Many businesses face common challenges everyday and resolve them by making decisions internally. Most of us are still victims of a centralized mindset, but the new paradox of power says: Give it to gain it. It urges us to involve more people in decisions – and enables  better results.

The Crowdholding platform leverages the expertise of nearly 30,000 individuals to build a knowledge ecosystem that has helped more than 70 businesses use Collective Knowledge to make better decisions.

Benefits for Businesses

Practicing open innovation requires attention, money and time. Crowdholding is regularly asked by organisational leaders to “show them the ROI” and showcase how the practice of collaborative innovation benefits the organisation. The temporal link between the front and back ends of innovation can be tenuous: ideas take time to trial. However, there are immediate benefits from engaging in distributed collaboration on platforms such as Crowdholding, including :

  • Getting feedback on products and services

Feedback from tens of thousands of people, in a digestible format, giving businesses the ability to parse the information provided and use it to improve products and services. This is the underlying power of co-creation.

  • Validating actions and knowledge

The issue until now has been to attract sufficient numbers of users to test new features. Using Crowdholding, such issues can quickly be solved, tested and released to the whole market, with almost instantaneous validation.

  • Raising awareness

You can get people talking about your business and drive word-of-mouth marketing by involving the people who helped you build your products or services.

A Gallup study found that businesses which use collective intelligence to innovate enjoy 16% greater profitability, 18% greater productivity and 12% greater levels of customer satisfaction than their peers. There are clearly promising benefits if you spend time to understand how Collective Knowledge can be used in your organization to your advantage. Opening innovation efforts up to larger and more diverse audiences or “crowds” can yield solutions inherently more robust than ones arising solely from within the enterprise (Seltzer and Mahmoudi, 2013).

How Crowdholding Builds Better BusinessesCrowdholding is a cheaper and more efficient approach for leveraging and managing Crowd Wisdom. The platform provides businesses with a repository to collect and manage knowledge and access to like-minded people willing to share that knowledge, and the ability to do it – partially – beyond the confines of the enterprise systems we have in place for knowledge management.

At Crowdholding there are numerous and diverse case studies of success stories. For example: Weeshing is the first platform to enable fans to invest in the bands they love; ITF provides cryptocurrency trading insights; Unitalent is a Swiss blockchain-enabled freelancing platform.

Benefits for Users

One way we keep the best innovators on board is by offering a great benefits package. There are certain perks available to our community which make their experience of Crowdholding unforgettable, and they include:

  • Getting early access to product & services

You discover and get early access to tomorrow’s revolutionary startups. You become the first to experiment with futuristic products and services. Joining in early allows you to adapt technology to your needs rather than having to adapt to technology. You definitely have a massive impact on the product and your ideas get implemented 10x faster.

  • Building a portfolio

Nothing shows how productive and adaptable you are like a stunning portfolio of products you have influenced with your ideas. Regardless of the industry or industries you operate in, the rate of change is a clear factor you must have an understanding of. Without getting involved early-on in different projects you’re only able to surf on the waves of change, whereas the fact of influencing early-stage ideas creates a learning opportunity that enables you not only to surf, but to steer more purposefully.

  • Earn Cryptocurrency

You earn crypto tokens without investing money, mining or day trading. By simply being involved in the Crowdholding community you can earn YUP tokens (our own ICO) and other cryptocurrency that you can use to invest in companies you love, purchase the products they make or even swap them for other tokens.  

Freelancers don’t have to make an investment or demonstrate previous experience to join Crowdholding. We believe great ideas come from the most unexpected places. Join our innovation community, warm-up your creativity, pick the projects that inspire you, submit the most innovative idea and earn recognition, experience and cryptocurrency.

One of our top innovators, Elric Drost says “I’m in to the whole co-creation processes. In my opinion the best way to do this is to have a lot of interaction. Response on response, building on each other’s ideas. Weird, wrong or crazy do not exist.” There’s more in his interview.


Business relationships are an indispensable part of a successful company. Partnerships have been a big part of Crowdholding’s success and our business would not have grown beyond the size of a roadside lemonade stand if it wasn’t for our great collaboration with BDO, Google Developers Launchpad, Blockshow, Crowdsourcing Week and others.

We could have the greatest idea, important partnerships and the best team working on the product, but without user traction, we won’t go anywhere. To prove we are “going places”, our platform already supports a network of 27,500 innovators with various skills and over 70 businesses from different industries. Our crowd has benefited from the blockchain technology, by increasing transparency and tracability of decisions as well as improving auditability and collaboration.

We aren’t the only ones passionate about our idea. Experts from different industries have demonstrated their support and here is a favorite quote made by The Merkle about us: “Crowdholding is like if Kickstarter and Quora had a child that was raised by a forum-run community like Reddit.” We’ve been featured in other respected media like: CCN, Coinspeaker, Cointelegraph, CryptoStreet and others.

Join Today

If you are a business, come to Crowdholding to innovate with our community and make better business decisions. If you are a creator, join the innovation community, give advice to businesses and get rewarded for your ideas.

Crowdholding is a Supporting Organization of our CSW Global 2018 conference in Washington D.C. running 24-28 October. The main conference is 25 and 26 October. Here is a full agenda and a few tickets remain to hear over 60 US and international thought-leaders and top practitioners from the crowdsourcing sector share knowledge, insights, and maybe some predictions.

About Author

About Author

Aleks Bozhinov

Aleks Bozhinov is a serial entrepreneur, international management (CEMS) student, Googler and a frequent speaker at industry events. He co-founded Crowdholding, a social co-creation platform that connects startups with investors, customers and team members. He is responsible inbound sales and content marketing, and also operates as a sales and personal development coach. For simplicity, he calls himself a CMO in his LinkedIn profile.

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