When Crowds Respond, a Remarkable Work of Art is Created

Written by Epi Ludvik

Nov 12, 2015

All things are possible if you hustle with the crowd like how artist Ai Weiwei did. This prominent Chinese contemporary artist and political activist will do anything to complete his work of art in Australia after Danish toy company, Lego refused to sell him a bulk order for his masterpiece. The reason: Ai’s content comes with a political agenda.

I always say crowds have many different resources and today crowdsourcing is tapping many areas and industries, including art. Platforms spark our passions, talents, and skills allowing us to discover what we are capable of: how creative, smart, entrepreneurial and innovative we can become.

Art allows us to express our inner creatives and thoughts and while Lego spokesman said that they “respect any individual’s right to free creative expression, and do not censor, prohibit or ban creative use of Lego bricks,” Guardian wrote, obviously there’s an exemption to the rule in this case. Art shouldn’t be censored nor should be influenced by centralized organizations because we nullify the basic right of every human—to express.


Ai denounced Lego’s statement as an “act of censorship and discrimination,” but that didn’t stop him from nailing down this project; by tapping the crowd, he asked them to donate Lego bricks to finish it before Andy Warhol/Ai Weiwei exhibition commences on December at the National Gallery of Victoria, in Melbourne.

The influence of crowdsourcing is spawning in almost every industry, and resources are downright accessible through just a tweet, status update or any platform to facilitate the process—how organizations respond to disruptive ideas and concepts would have to push them beyond their traditional systems, because whether they like it or not, crowdsourcing would democratize we acquire resources in the future.

If you are in Lego’s shoes, how would you respond?

About Author

About Author

Epi Ludvik

As the Founder and CEO of Crowdsourcing Week and BOLD Awards, Epi works with all types and sizes of organizations, from high-profile companies to emerging startups, helping them to harness the power of the crowd and human-centered innovation. His pioneering journey in the digital world has been fueled by his commercial endeavors in the US, Europe and Asia, plus an unrelenting passion for crowd-based technology and marketplaces. The two factors combined have decentralized innovation, and disrupted entire business sectors in ways that were never previously imaginable. Epi’s gift and passion for crowdsourcing have allowed him to grow his companies and become a global thought-leader on the transformative potential of crowdsourcing in all industries and sectors, and all areas of public life. Epi Ludvik earned a BS in Advertising & Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and has been a serial entrepreneur since graduation.

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