Crowdfunding. It’s sounds exciting, but by no means easy. After months of preparation, we have just launched an equity crowdfunding round on Crowdcube and are ready for the next chapter in CSW’s growth journey. Why are we doing this? 

It’s overwhelming, yet humbling to look back at how Crowdsourcing Week started and what this global platform has accomplished since the last 2+ years. CSW has reached 15 cities worldwide and forged countless collaborations. We have sparked ideas and questioned the norm. And there’s better things to come.

Why we are crowdfunding

CSW was bootstrapped since its launch in 2013. As a company we’ve embraced the concept of crowdsourcing seriously. The synergy of our team, community, their passion and skills coupled with technology has sparked innovation at CSW and we have used the Internet as a catalyst of social productivity to maximize these resources.

When we began three years ago, the term crowdsourcing was virtually unknown. Now it is can be seen daily in newspapers and on TV. It’s adopted in finance, business, and major sectors. What is missing though is the depth of knowledge that individuals and businesses need to truly make the most of social connections powered by the Internet. Now is our time to achieve this task.

CSW is proud to expand our consulting arm CSW2, spearheaded by our consulting think tank and crowdsourcing experts while also launching an integrated e-learning platform that will be accessible globally. In 2016, CSW events will launch in new markets that include Africa and the Middle East.

The CSW mission has essentially been built through our community participation and contribution. Given the large number of people who support what Crowdsourcing Week stands for, including the thousands who have attended our events — the crowdfunding raise aims to enable this extended family to invest in the company and help build #crowdcapital. It has been a rewarding experience so far and we are ready to expand our reach to the grassroots and seek exponential impact by highlighting the real benefits of collaboration.

Join us as we equip and empower the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs to create better futures. Contribute to our campaign here –

Investments of this nature do carry risks to your capital as well as rewards. Please #InvestAware. Approved as a financial promotion by Crowdcube Capital which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (no. 650205).