The end of economic sanctions on Iran ended restrictions on Iranian trade, shipping and insurance. The International Monetary Fund estimates Iran’s GDP could grow by as much as 5% in 2016/17 from a standing start. And within this is an astonishing pent up demand from many Iranians and other nationalities in the region to be part of the global impetus in the business of sharing through crowdsourcing and the crowd economy.

We’re striking while the iron’s hot as we take to Iran our CSW Summit Tehran on May 20, 2016. In partnership with Evenbtox, we are co-producing a day of dynamic sessions, workshops, panels and networking. Top international and Iranian crowdsourcing practitioners and influencers will share insights on how a crowd economy can elevate organizations to the next level. The focus will be in crowd innovation, crowdfunding, shared economy and smart cities.

Crowdsourcing Week is a global platform for innovators in crowdsourcing, and hard on the heels of a successful CSW Global 2016 Conference in London we are producing and hosting the CSW Summit Tehran at the Iran National Library on May 20, 2016.

Dozen international and Iranian speakers including crowdsourcing practitioners and advocates are lined up to share insights, data, and actionable tips for businesses and other organizations to understand the concepts of crowdsourcing and the 14 parts of the crowd economy. These open, transparent and collaborative frameworks will inspire new ideas on ways for Iranians and others in this global region to operate and thrive in the 21st century.

What to Expect at CSW Summit Tehran:

  • The summit will be an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge with innovators and change makers in Iran and neighbouring territories.
  • CSW Summit Tehran will beam via multiple social media channels
  • Crowdsourcing Tourism tagline for Iran
  • Everything you would expect from a Crowdsourcing Week Summit!

Crowdsourcing is a global movement, and we are excited to bring this action-packed summit to Tehran and showcase leading edge innovations to an audience hungry for encouragement and opportunities in the business of sharing. It’s a ‘must-attend event’ for entrepreneurs, c-suites levels, start-ups, and non-profit organizations who would like to harness open and collaborative solutions.

Seats are limited and early bird tickets are sold out. Grab your ticket now to take your place at what we expect to be a fantastic event. Get all the details on the CSW Summit Tehran here and follow the event at #CSWTehran on social media.